Scenes from the Road - 2007

Olivia with Andrea, David Phelps' violinist

Brooklyn and Courtney with their friends, Grace and

Joy Johnson after a concert in Nashville, TN

Phil and Kim with Steve Mauldin (Orchestrator for some

of the Collingsworth Family's CDs) and his family

Phil and Kim with Marty Funderburk (Marty co-wrote the song

"What Noah Knew" on the Collingsworth Family's new CD)

Phil and Kim with Tom and Rebecca Peck (Rebecca wrote the song

"Blessed Be The Lamb" on the Collingsworth Family's new CD)

The Collingsworth Family performing at

Grace Church of the Nazarene in Nashville, TN

Brooklyn and Courtney playing their violins

Kim and Brooklyn with Ronnie Hinson (Ronnie wrote the song

"We Still Believe" on the Collingsworth's newest CD)

Olivia with Andrew Brown of The Browns at

National Quartet Convention


Kim and Dino Kartsonakis practicing for the

Parade of Pianos at the National Quartet Convention

Dino and Kim doing a last minute arrangement

Kim with Josh Singletary (Pianist for Tribute Quartet)

Kim with Roy Webb before the Parade of Pianos

Kim with Gerald Wolfe

Kim with Jeff Stice at NQC

Kim performing on the Parade of Pianos at NQC

Kim playing with Jeff Stice

(pianist for Triumphant Quartet)

Kim doing a duet with Dino during the Parade of Pianos

Kim with her brother, Brian Keaton, in Lebanon, PA

Olivia with her cousin, Jonathan Keaton

Courtney with her cousin, Kaitlyn Keaton

Brooklyn with her cousin, Abigail Keaton

Phillip with his cousin, Shyanne Keaton

The Collingsworth Family did a concert with

The Hall Of Fame Men's Chorus in Canton, Ohio

The "after-party" following the concert in Canton, Ohio.

The Collingsworth Family visited with the members

of the Hall Of Fame Men's Chorus and ate and sang together!

The Collingsworth Family with The Hall Of Fame Men's Chorus

Olivia with friends after a concert in Michigan

Kim with good friends, Troy and Anne Pence

Brooklyn before a concert in Owosso, Michigan

Phil with good friends Frankie and Louis Johnson

Kim performing at Murray's Marketplace in Shirley, Indiana

The Collingsworth Family (minus Phillip) at

Murray's Marketplace, following a concert

Kim listening to a man that she met at a concert

play the piano for her.

Phil visiting with friends at Murray's Marketplace

Kim with the Coats' in Columbus, Indiana

Courtney and Brooklyn with their cousin, Elizabeth Williams

Kim with Stanley and Joyce Taylor in Indiana

Courtney with her tall cousin Tyler Greathouse

Kim with Phil's Aunt Janice following a concert

Kim with her cousin Stephanie Greathouse and her family

Kim with her cousin Star and her baby

Kim with her Aunt Karen

Brooklyn and Courtney with their new body guards!

Their cousins, Tyler Greathouse and Josh Williams

Kim with her Aunt Sheri

Kim with the Silvers' in Columbus, Indiana

Kim with her cousin Cheryl and Cheryl's daughter

Kim with her Uncle Charlie in Indiana

Brooklyn and Courtney with their frien John Case in Maryland

Lowell Lavy (Phil's brother-in-law) drives occasionally for

The Collingsworth Family, and while driving,

the bus blew a tire!

Brooklyn with good friends Krista Blair and Tara Campbell at youth camp

Sixteen of the fourty-six Keaton cousins at youth camp together

Courtney serving for a volleyball game

Phillip getting ready for tug-of-war alongside his cousin Nick Adams

Courtney during Bible Bowl at camp... Check out the bare feet!

Courtney and her cousin Natalie during the softball All-Star game

Brooklyn pitching during the All-Star game

Phillip playing in the boys All-Star game

Phillip with cousin, Nick Adams, during the All-Star game

Kim with her niece, Abbigail Keaton

Kim with three of her sisters and her Mom

Brooklyn and Courtney with friends at youth camp

Kim with Bethany Osborne in Yorktown, IN

Kim with young friends in Yorktown, IN

The Collingsworth Family performed two nights

for the Soul'd Out Quartet's Homecoming

Olivia with her cousin Danette Lavy

Brooklyn and Courtney before a concert in Kingsport, TN

The Collingsworth Kids

Having fun before a concert!

Mom and daughters

Phil relaxing

Kim with Jim and Ruby Lindsey

Kim and Brooklyn working at the product table

Courtney with her Uncle James!

Fun with Uncle James!

Kim with her Uncle James at Perkins!

The Collingsworth Kids with friends

Will and Krista Blair in Logan, OH

Kim with her sister Julia Keep and her mother

Carolyn Keaton in Virginia

Brooklyn and her sweet cousin, Annie Keep

Olivia and her cousin Katie Keep

Courtney with her cousin, Natalie Keaton

Grandma Keaton with her new puppy, Angel

Courtney and Olivia in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

The Collingsworth Kids getting ready to go to

the Anne Of Green Gables Drama in

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Avonlea Village in Prince Edward Island

Olivia next to the Anne Of Green Gables statue

Olivia watching a man play the bagpipes in Cavendish, P.E.I.

Courtney, Kim, and Olivia enjoying the boardwalk

The Collingsworth Girls right before the Anne Of Green Gables drama


All ready for the drama!

Olivia and the mini "Green Gables"

Courtney, Olivia, and Brooklyn in

front of the church in Avonlea Village

The Girls with "Gilbert Blythe"

Kim with "Josie Pie"

Dress up time!

Tea anyone?

Fun dress up time in Avonlea Village

Anne! (That's really Olivia)

A ride in the carriage

Seriously now!

Just like old times!

Our little Anne

Kim and Olivia

Dress up buddies!

Going on a carriage ride in Avonlea Village!

How fun!

The Avonlea schoolhouse!

Playing in the Avonlea schoolyard!

Hmmmm. What to eat?

The yummy candy apples in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Courtney and Brooklyn at the wharf in Charlottetown, P. E. I.

Olivia eating an ice cream cone on the wharf

Courtney by the water in Prince Edward Island

The Collingsworth Family drove BIG RED onto this little Ferry in Canada!

Kim with Dale and Lee Swackhammer and their

7 children in Bloomfield, ONT

Kim with Hannah after a concert in Bloomfield, ONT

The Collingsworth Family eating at the

Warring House in Picton, ONT

Kim with Doreen and Norma Jean after eating at the Warring House

Kim with Darlene Radisil/Moore

(Darlene went to school with Kim's mom!)

Kim with Brian and Darlene Moore

Kim with Jim and Karen Paull and their 9 children

Brooklyn with Vanessa after a concert in Alton Bay, NJ

Olivia with Lauren and Karlie Paull

Brooklyn and Courtney with friends Elijah and Hannah Rarick

from Lancaster, OH

Kim with Debbie from Lancaster, OH

(Debbie let the Collingsworth Family use her

van when their bus broke down)

Phil and Kim with the pastor of

Faith Memorial Church - Lancaster, OH

Kim with Amy (Amy drove the Collingsworth girls around

when the bus broke down before the concert)

The Collingsworth Family's bus broke down, and they

were many kind people who helped them load and

unload the bus to make it to their next concert

Rich Woods was a great help when the bus broke down!

Kim with Steve and Bev Lynn

(Steve and Bev helped with the bus)

Kim talking with Marlin and Janet Hernely

after a concert in Grand Haven, MI

Brooklyn and Courtney after a concert

Phillip with friends Mark and Matt Metz at Steak 'n Shake

Brooklyn and Courtney with Michael Metz

from Grand Rapids, MI

The Collingsworth Family performing at the

Bluegate Theater in Shipshewana, IN

Courtney and Brooklyn playing their violins

Kim with a friend from Thailand after a concert

Olivia with her friend, Jenna Balos of the Balos Family!

The Collingsworth Family performing in Bedford, IN

Performing on Father's Day in Indiana

Brooklyn and Courtney playing violins


Courtney with friends, Josh, Kristi, and Brooklyn!

Kim with friends!

Courtney and Olivia with David Duncan, a Christian comedian!

Kim and Olivia backstage before a concert


Phil, Kim, and Olivia with friends at Steak 'n Shake!

Courtney with Andrew Brown of the Brown Family

Olivia with her best friend and cousin, Savannah Cragun

Phil and Kim eating with friends and family

Brooklyn with her cousin, Esther Cragun

Kim with her sister, Vickie Cragun

Kim with family and friends!

Brooklyn, Kim, Olivia, and Courtney at the airport getting

ready to fly to Idaho!

Olivia on the airplane to Idaho with her cousin Samantha who

flew along with The Collingsworth Family!

Brooklyn trying to entertain her cousin Samantha on the

long plane ride to Idaho!

Brooklyn and Courtney fell asleep on the plane ride!

What a funny site!

Kim and her sister, Becky Keep, flying to Idaho!

Doing a concert in Idaho for Kim's Dad's retirement!

Performing in Idaho!

Kim playing a piano duet with Doran Ritchie

(pianist for Liberty Quartet)

Courtney and Brooklyn with their cousin, Clarissa Adams

Brooklyn and Courtney with friends and family in Idaho!

Courtney with her friend, Chera Crane

Kim with friends in Idaho!

Courtney learned to "whistle-pig hunt" while she was in Idaho!

Phil, along with Kim's brothers, helped pack up Kim's parents' house

in Idaho and move to Virgina!

Phil working hard!

Kim with her brothers and sisters planning their

parents' retirement service!

Kim with her sisters Sandy Adams and Becky Keep

Courtney with her cousin Samantha Keep!

Kim with her sisters, Sandy and Becky

Courtney with her cousin, Ben Adams!

Kim with her parents on their retirement Sunday.

They did a spontaneous song on their guitar and accordian!

The entire family that was able to make it to Kim's

parent's retirement service!

Courtney with Chera and Mindy Crane in Idaho

Phil and Kim with their Office Manager's

family in North Carolina!

Phil and Kim with Jacob Crisp! A young pianist!

Eating at Sonic in North Carolina with friends, The Newtons!

Kim with her nieces Annie and Ellie in Roanoke, VA

The Collingsworth Family sang at the Christian Reformed Church

in Hudsonville, MI

Phil and Kim with a local quartet after a concert in Hudsonville, MI

Brooklyn all dressed up in the bus before a concert

Kim with a little girl named Sarah at a recent concert in Indiana

Olivia with friends after a concert in Indiana

The bus blew a tire while Kim was driving!

Phil checking out the damage!

What has she done?!

Kim, Brooklyn, Courtney, and Olivia with their Uncle James

at First Baptist - Morristown, TN

Brooklyn, Kim, Olivia, and Courtney with Aunt Cindy

Courtney and Brooklyn with longtime friend, Darnell Wilson

Kim with pianist, Jacob Crisp

Kim with Taranda Greene of The Greenes

Courtney with Jessica Brown of The Browns

Kim and Shelly Brown visiting after a concert

Courtney, Andrew Brown, and Olivia waiting on their parents to

finish visiting at a restaurant following a concert

The Collingsworth kids and the Brown kids!

Kim with Shelly Brown

Olivia with Andrew Brown of The Browns

Kim performing at the 2007 SGN Ovation Awards Ceremony

Kim with Justin Ellis (pianist for the Crabb Family)

Kim with Rebecca Peck (Rebecca wrote the song

"Blessed Be The Lamb" on The Collingsworth Family's

most recent project)

Kim with Diane Wilkinson (Diane wrote the song "He Already Sees"

on the Collingsworth Family's most recent project)

Phil drivin' Big Red!

Kim with her Aunt Barbara and Uncle Roger

Like mother, like daughter!

The Collingsworth family with friends after a concert in Indiana

Brooklyn and Courtney with Nate Kennedy and Travis Jennings.

They helped tear down the equipment after a concert in Indiana

The Collingsworth kids getting ready to sing in Bolingbroke, GA

Phil and his princess

The girls

Kim with friends from Georgia

Phil and Kim with Chad and Amy Massey in Georgia

Kim and Olivia ready for a concert in Dalton, GA

20 years of wedded bliss... and still smiling!

Phillip and Courtney being themselves (CRAZY!) before a concert.

Singing a ladies trio in Dalton, GA

The Collingsworth Family was honored to have Eva Mae Lafevre at a

recent concert in Georgia

Phil and Kim with Eva Mae Lafevre

Kim with Sonia Gott from 3ABN

Kim with Teresa Stewart

(She used to babysit Kim when she was a little girl)

Kim and Brooklyn with Pam Lang and her children following

a concert in Wisconsin

Dr. Marvin Lang (chemist) giving Brooklyn a chemistry lesson

The Collingsworth kids with Stephen, Daniel, and Kristen Lang

Kim with friends from Wisconsin

Phil with Dr. Marvin Lang, Dr. Don Johnson, and Dr. Keith Lang...

Jason Baker, bus-driver on The Collingsworth Family's trip to Texas

Regina Baker, Jason's wife (and Phil's niece) rode

along on the Texas trip... Curlers and all!

The geometry teacher fell asleep, so cousin Regina took over!

Kim with Jack Davis of KKGM/Dallas and T. Bob... A great pianist!

Kim with Jeff Stice (Pianist for Triumphant Quartet)

at a concert in Texas

Crazy pianists!

Kim and Jeff played a duet during the concert!

BIG RED enjoyed Texas!

Kim and Lizzy Stetler in Yukon, OK

Olivia and Gracie Stetler (Our secretary, Sherilyn's niece)

Kim with her friend Stacy Snyder after a concert in Anderson, IN

Kim with great friend, Kay Shanks!

Kim with Maurice and Janet Kirkwood after a concert in Anderson, IN

Kim with old friends, Rachel Lynn and Mary Gayle

Friends from Kim's childhood... Martha Raisch and Mary Edwards Shuman

Kim in Florida with her neice Esther Cragun

Kim, Brooklyn, Courtney, Phillip, and Olivia enjoying time

with their family in Florida

Kim and Olivia getting ready to play tennis in Florida


Brooklyn, Phillip, and Olivia enjoying a night out at Steak 'n Shake with

The Browns and Nick Trammel of The Perrys

The Grand Ole Opry House where the Collingsworth family was in the

filming of two new Gaither Homecoming Videos

Brooklyn, Courtney, and Kim performing on the Grand Ole Opry

for the Gaither Homecoming Video

Singing "God is in the Shadows"

The stage during the filming of the new Gaither Homecoming Video

The Isaacs performing on stage for the new Gaither Homecoming Video

Kim visiting with Henry and Hazel Slaughter after the Gaither Video shoot

Phil and Kim with Henry and Hazel Slaughter after the Gaither Video Shoot

Phil visiting with Ben Isaacs of The Isaacs after a long day of the video shoot

Olivia with Marshall Hall (baritone for the Gaither Vocal Band)

at the Gaither Homecoming

Courtney with Wesley Pritchard at the Gaither Homecoming

Kim and Olivia with Bill Gaither following the video shoot

Olivia with Mark Lowry after the video shoot

Kim with Judy Martin/Hess of The Martins

Olivia with David Phelps

Olivia getting a big bear hug from Ben Isaacs of The Isaacs

Phil and Kim with good friends Marlin and Janet

(the product table workers for the 2007 Florida Tour)

The crowd at The Collingsworth Family's Concert in Bradenton, FL

Kim and Courtney with friends Jim and Lois Harris

following a concert in Bradenton, FL

Brooklyn and Courtney with their cousin Clarissa Adams

following a concert in Hobe Sound, FL

Recipient of the 2007 NEW ARTIST Harmony Award presented


Phil Collingsworth accepting award from presenters: Dean & Kim Hopper

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