Scenes from the Road - 2009

Kim with old friend Beth Allen

Kim with Beth's daughter, Ashley

Kim with her aunt Sherri

Olivia with her cousin, Jesse Keep, before the rehearsal for the

Grand Piano Extravaganza 2009

Courtney with her cousin, Sammi

Kim's nephew, Jesse Keep, who is 12 years old performed at the Piano Extravaganza.

He has been blind since the age of 3, and since then has become a fabulous pianists!

Kim at the rehearsal for Piano Extravaganze

Kim backstage before the first concert of the Piano Extravaganza with the stage

producer, Dan Posthuma.

Kim with the pianists: Channing Eleton, Roy Webb, Michael Howard, and Jeff Stice

Kim backstage with Olivia

Courtney with Jesse before his performance

Phil and Kim having prayer with the pianists before the concert

Kim's silhouette behind the stage curtain

All of the pianists

Kim and Jesse

The second night of the Extravaganza... Backstage

Channing Eleton, Jeff Stice, Michael Howard, David Pendleton, Dan Posthuma, and Kim

They brought the house down! What an exciting night!

Kim giving Jesse a "pep talk" before he played

Roy Webb and Jesse

Kim with special guest pianist, Timothy Noble. Timothy is only 10 years old and

he is a very accomplished pianist!

The Collingsworth Family performing at Gaither Fest 2009 in Myrtle Beach

Talking to Gordon Mote in the parking lot at Gaither Fest

The Collingsworth Girls performing on Saturday morning at Gaither Fest

Olivia, Courtney, and Brooklyn with Morgan Easter at Gaither Fest... They were all wearing boots!

Having prayer with all the artists before the last concert at Gaither Fest

The Collingsworth Family performing Saturday night at Gaither Fest

Singing homecoming style with all of the artists at Gaither Fest

Courtney and Morgan Easter singing with Bill Gaither

The Collingsworth Family performing on main stage

at National Quartet Convention 2009

Brooklyn and Courtney taking a bow after

playing their violins at NQC

Phil and Kim

NQC 2009

Courtney with Hannah Webb

The Collingsworth Family performing "Part of the Family" with The Hoppers at NQC

Kim playing the piano...

Performing again at NQC

Courtney playing her violin

Courtney with Morgan Easter at NQC

The Collingsworth Kids performing their new song "Count Your Blessings Again"

during the Song of a Lifetime showcase at NQC 2009

Kim at the Piano Extravaganza rehearsal at NQC

Rehearsal with Dino Kartsinokis

Phil and Kim with Dino and Cheryl Kartsinokis

Having prayer with all the pianists before the Extravaganza started

Kim and Courtney

Kim and Stewart Varnado

Kim performing during the Piano Extravaganza

The orchestra session for The Collingsworth Family's latest recording, "The Answer"

Kim with the concert master of the Nashville String Machine and The

Collingsworth Family's producer, Wayne Haun

Kim and Olivia before a concert in PA

Kim with Ginger of The Lesters

Phillip, Brooklyn, and Courtney in the bus

Phil and Kim with friends in Canada

The Collingsworth Family performed at Word of Life Inn in Schroon Lake, NY

Phil and his brother in law, Tim Keep (bus driver), working on the bus

after an oil line blew on the way to a concert in Nashville, TN

The Collingsworth Family performing in Richmond, Indiana


Kim with songwriter, Carolyn Atkins. Carolyn wrote the song

"Fear Not Tomorrow" on The Collingsworth Family's

newest project "The Answer"

The Collingsworth Family visiting with old friends, The Lums, in PA

The Collingsworth Kids with the Lum kids, Stephen, Jonathan, Ethan, Phillip,

and Nathan

Kim with Vicky Lum

Phil and Kim before a concert in Ft. Wayne, IN

The Collingsworth girls

Courtney with Peyton Blair

Brooklyn relaxing backstage

Olivia working on her new CD "Then and Now"

in the studio

Olivia with her producer, Roger Talley

Eating Chinese food after a long day in the studio

Courtney in the studio with her cousin, Valerie Keep, doing background vocals

for Olivia's new CD

Phillip and his cousin Timothy singing along

Olivia's cousins, Valerie and Timothy Keep, along with her brother and sisters

backed up Olivia on a song on her new CD

Phillip enjoying a "snack"

The Collingsworth Kids before a concert in Hopkins, MI

Kim with Sharon Hayes of The Hayes Family


The Collingsworth Family performing in Logan, OH

Teenage trio

Courtney and Brooklyn with friend, Heather Chapple

The Collingsworth Family performing in Shipshewana, Indiana

Kim with a veteran in Shipshewana


Olivia with her Homecoming buddies

Courtney with Morgan Easter at Family Fest 2009

Kim with great friends, Louis and Frankie Johnson

Courtney with Louis and Frankie

Brooklyn and Courtney performing at Gaither's Family Fest 2009

Courtney singing with Wes Hampton

Brooklyn and Courtney performing at Family Fest

Olivia with Mark Lowry and her puppy, Spanky

Singing "The Blood Of Jesus"


Phillip practicing with Signature Sound

Performing in Missouri

Performing in Illinois with the Homecoming Tour


Performing at a Gaither concert

Olivia with her Homecoming buddies, Joy Randle and Samantha Mote...

Having a sleepover on the road!

Going shopping in downtown Minneapolis

Singing in Minneapolis

The Collingsworth Family before a concert in Ohio

Phillip having some fun backstage

The girls

Performing in Ohio

The Collingsworth Family in the recording studio

Olivia having a little fun!

The Collingsworth Family with their producer, Wayne Haun,

and engineer, Scott Kidd


Courtney and Olivia at the studio in Nashville, recording the

newest project, "The Answer"

Courtney, Brooklyn, and Phillip in the studio

Kim accepting the award for 2009 Musician of the Year

Kim with her awards for 2009 Musician of the Year and

2009 Special Event Project (Video) of the Year

Kim, Phil, and Brooklyn performing in Nashville at an awards ceremony

Kim doing an interview with Lauren Talley

Phillip singing with Signature Sound at a Gaither Homecoming concert

Brooklyn and Wayne Haun backing up Janet Pascal

Phil, Brooklyn, and Courtney backing up Lynda Randle

at a Homecoming concert

Brooklyn and Courtney playing their violins in Greensboro, NC

Olivia's friends, Jocobe Bowman and Lexi Hopper, on

the bus playing with her puppy

Phillip talking with artists backstage

at a Gaither concert

The backstage scene

Courtney and Morgan Easter with the Cactus Cuties

Phil and Kim backstage in Ft. Worth, Texas

Phillip with his cousin, Jordan Cragun

Olivia sang on her birthday and the promoters

surprised her with cupcakes!

Playing with Olivia's puppy backstage in Missouri

Phil and Kim

The crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to Olivia

Olivia introduced Spanky, her birthday puppy, to the audience!

The Collingsworth Family performed with

The Booth Brothers, and Michael Booth

found this Elvis suit and sang a song on stage in it!

Olivia sharing her puppy with new friends in Missouri

Kim, Brooklyn, and Olivia in the airport getting ready

to fly to Phoenix, Arizona

Riding the tram


Brooklyn and Olivia

Courtney talking on the phone

in the Phoenix airport

It was sunny in Phoenix!

On the way to a concert

Phil and Kim with friends from Phoenix

Phil and Kim with great friends, Dave and Lori Brainard

The wonderful hostess who let the Collingsworth

Family stay in her beautiful home!

A sweet family!

Out to lunch with Dave and Lori Brainard

Caleb and Phillip helping Brooklyn with her crutches...

(She had a soccer accident)

Courtney and Olivia before performing

at a Gaither concert in Illinois

Kim and Olivia

Kim talking with Janet Paschal

Phillip and Courtney before singing

Kim playing "How Great Thou Art" at a

Gaither concert in Illinois

Phillip singing with Ernie Haase

Singing with Signature Sound

Kim with Sean Dagenhart

Kim with Charlotte Ritchie

Sound check in Holland, Michigan

Olivia playing with her Homecoming buddies backstage,

Madelyn Hayes and Joy Randle

The Collingsworth Family

Kim talking to Kim Hopper at a concert in Chattanooga, TN

Kim with Meghan, a sweet little

girl she met at a concert in Chattanooga

Kim with the promoter's wife from the concert in Chattanooga

Phil talking with Jacob Crisp, the Hoppers piano

player, backstage

Kim and Brooklyn

Kim with old friend, Joyce Bunch (Joyce played the

bass guitar with Kim when she played her

first piano solo in church at the age of 5)

Kim with Joyce's daughters, Clarissa and Carlita

Courtney with Joyce

Courtney walking to the water in Avon Park, Florida

Olivia playing in the sand

Kim with some very sweet ladies in Avon Park

Kim playing the piano with a friend in Avon Park

The crowd at a concert in Bradenton, Florida

Kim and Olivia taking a ride on a golf-bike in Florida

Phillip and Brooklyn  getting ready to play tennis

in Florida

Brooklyn, Courtney, and Olivia with friend Johnny after

a concert in Hobe Sound, Florida

Kim with old friend, Ruthanne Willard, and the beautiful

flowers she brought Kim.

Courtney and Brooklyn getting ready

to go shopping in Florida

Kim backstage with Jeff Easter of

Jeff and Sheri Easter

Kim and Sheri Easter talking

Kim and Olivia talking backstage

Courtney playing around backstage

Phillip being goofy on the bus

Courtney talking with friend and fellow photographer, Erica Grant

Performing in Lakeland, Florida

With friends after the concert in Lakeland

Kim with friend, Diane Gash

Fellowshipping with friends at the Campbell's house in Florida

Kim and Olivia

Courtney and Olivia

Phillip with road buddies, Adam and Andrew Brown

The Collingsworth girls with Jessica and Michaela Brown

Olivia with friends after a concert in Ocala, FL

Kim with the pastor's wife from Ocala

Going shopping with friends, Marlin and Janet Hernely

Phil and Marlin relaxing while the girls shopped

Olivia and Courtney being crazy on the bus!

Courtney and Phillip before a concert in Hudson, Florida

Kim playing "How Great Thou Art" at a Gaither concert

in Jacksonville, Florida

Olivia sitting backstage with Gordon Mote

at the Gaither concert

Singing background vocals with all the Homecoming artists

Olivia had a sleepover on the bus with her Homecoming

pal, Joy Randle. They had a blast together!

Courtney, Joy, and Olivia after playing tennis!

Olivia and Joy getting ready to roller-skate

Courtney with her new camera from the

sweet Campbell family! She was so excited!

Courtney and Phillip talking to Jeremy, the head

sound tech for the Gaither tour

Olivia and Courtney before singing at a Gaither concert in Orlando, FL

Kim, Brooklyn, and Phil singing "The Blood Of Jesus" at the

Gaither concert in Orlando

Phillip and Olivia sitting backstage with Tim Duncan

of Signature Sound

Singing background vocals at another Gaither concert

Mark Lowry giving Courtney a face for the camera! HA!

All the lights at the Gaither concert in Orlando

Kim with good friend, Janet Hernely

Courtney and Olivia before another concert

Kim and Olivia

Kim with a friend from her childhood

Brooklyn studying on the road

Olivia at a Gaither concert in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Brooklyn and Courtney

The Collingsworth Family performing in Ft. Myers

on the Gaither Homecoming tour

Brooklyn, Courtney, and Kim singing "God is in the Shadows"

Kim backstage with Joy Gardner and Janet Paschal

Brooklyn and Kim with Kim's sister, Vicky Cragun

enjoying some vacation time in Florida

Olivia with her cousin, Savannah

Phillip with his cousin, Austin

Brooklyn and Courtney going out to eat with Austin

Steak 'n Shake with cousins

Olivia and Savannah got their own table

Courtney and Phillip

Brooklyn and her cousin, Matt

Crazy cousins

Olivia, Savannah, and Courtney riding a ferris wheel in Orlando, FL

Phil and Kim at "Fun Spot" in Orlando

Olivia and her cousin Savannah getting ready to

go to Disney World

Kim and Olivia going to Disney World with Kim's sister

Vicky and her daughter Savannah

Phil, Phillip, and cousin Matt being crazy on the tram to Disney World

Kim's sister Vicky with her husband, Ray, and their children

at Disney World

Phillip with cousins Matt and Austin

Kim and Olivia

Courtney, Olivia, and Savannah on the way to Disney

Looking out the window

Posing with Snow White

Best buds!

Olivia with cousins, Savannah and Austin

The boys

Trying on crazy hats

Cinderella's castle

Lollipop, anyone?

Buying souveniers

Making a wish at the wishing well

At the end of a very magical day

Watching the final fireworks show at Disney World

Kim and Olivia before a photo shoot

Phillip's turn in the makeup chair

for a photo shoot

Olivia and Courtney at another photo shoot

Kim getting her makeup done for pictures

Kim and Phil at a photo shoot in Nashville

Olivia found a friend! The photographer's dog

at a photo shoot!

The Collingsworth Girls

Brooklyn, Phil, and Courtney at the photography


The girls

The kids


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